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Apollo Agency

GOOGLE Partner


What does it mean to be a Google partner?

We have many employees who are qualified with experience certificates from Google in managing campaigns and we are able to run campaigns with large budgets and high-quality performance, and our team has achieved remarkable growth in the development of customer advertising and return on investment, and we have special technical support from Google


How do our clients benefit from Apollo's partnership with Google?

The client will ensure that his advertising campaigns will be launched correctly, with the most focused and accurate targeting, and with a perfect performance quality


How did we become a Google partner?

- We launched advertising campaigns with an optimization score of 89.5%, which exceeded the required rate of 70%
- We ran advertising campaigns with budgets of more than $20,000 for our clients during a period of 90 days
- Our team has passed all the imposed tests and obtained all Google accreditation certificates

Integrated services

All the services you need to launch your business in one place

Marketing Strategy

We pave the way for the success of commercial companies

Digital Marketing

We run thoughtful and thorough advertising campaigns

Graphic Design

We understand and analyze your needs and provide you with the best designs that serve your business

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Websites Development

We design and develop websites provided with the latest technology

Photography and Video Production

We photograph and create professional advertising videos

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

We improve website visibility on search engines

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About the company

Apollo Agency

We work constantly to achieve success for our clients by providing many creative solutions to help them stand out in their field of work among  their competitors

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We start our tasks by listening, planning and setting goals

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Define the requirements for the success of the plan and the method of reaching the ultimate goal


We rely on continuous monitoring to put in to action the required adjustments

Our Clients

Our Special Clients

Our articles

Our expertise is in your hands

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